Atlas Pumping Service owns and operates a fully permitted grease rendering plant located in Lakeside, California.  Restaurant grease trap waste and inedible kitchen grease (fryer oil) are collected within San Diego, Imperial, Orange, and Riverside Counties and brought to the Atlas Treatment Plant for processing.

Per State regulations, grease trap and inedible kitchen grease are not comingled.

Grease trap waste is separated through a series of processes, yielding approximately 20% re-usable brown grease.

Inedible kitchen grease is processed to be listed on the commodities market and sent for processing to become bio-diesel.  Much of the inedible kitchen grease collected ultimately ends up in the fuel tanks of Atlas trucks after it has been converted to bio-diesel.

All wastes received at the Atlas Treatment Plant are manifested and tracked via an EPA approved waste tracking program.

All plant operators and supervisors are trained extensively on environmental protection and safe operating practices.Rest assured Atlas Pumping Service is just as concerned about the environment as you are.  That’s why such an extensive, environmentally protective program is in place.